Conquering the 7 second rule

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Psychologists have proven that it takes 7 seconds to impress someone. This is a natural response because it is in fact part of a survival instinct and saves us time. We naturally give out signals such as arriving to a meeting looking anxious, shy, or, hostile without realizing it. It usually takes us a moment or two  to warm up to someone, so you need to put some effort in defining who you are.


Here are the secrets to conquering the 7 second rule:


  • Body language is extremely important
  • Be prepared emotionally by taking a moment for yourself to collect your composer
  • Stand tall with confidence
  • Look directly into eyes with a natural smile
  • Be sincere , don’t over do it
  • Give firm handshake to let them know you are there
  • Your clothing suits the occasion ( suit makes the most impact)
  • Shoes are shined
  • Don’t wear a strong fragrance